Reminiscence of snow days past

Man in the street, 2/17/03

Are we tired of snow pictures yet? This is not from Winter Storm Juno, which I didn’t photograph, but instead from a snowstorm in February 2003. It was captured in the street outside my apartment on West 12th Street in Manhattan. The photo appears with a handful of others in my Snowscenes album on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Reminiscence of snow days past

  1. Ah, memories! In 2003 I was living in Sheepshead Bay at the far southern, outdoor end of the Q and B lines and working in Midtown for the Copy Chief from Hell Who Shall Be Nameless (since I am as magnanimous as she was not). The CCFHWSBN insisted over the phone, when I called to report that the Q and B were both completely out of service, that I take the bus, pointing out that my colleague on the copy desk had had no trouble getting in from New Jersey on the commuter train. The only bus that ran anywhere near my place was a local that did a serpentine route through all the backstreets of Sheepshead Bay, picking up the residents of half a dozen assisted living centers (a major SB industry) before heading out, slowly, through Brooklyn proper toward Manhattan. The trip ended up taking three hours one way, ending in a huge pool of slush outside Grand Central. Happily, the subway was back in business for the return trip some three hours later, when everyone was sent home because there was really nothing to do, most of the editors having elected to stay in bed that day sipping hot toddies. And why not? We weren’t a daily, we weren’t even a weekly, we were a monthly. With a copy chief who loved to torture people…BTW, great photos, JEB


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