The world is full of actors: a photo of Mireille Enos

Francis Thompson felt that the world was full of angels: “Turn but a stone, and start a wing!,” he wrote. While it lacks a certain something, one might say the same about actors, for our entertainment-saturated world seems to abound in them; turn but a stone, and start a thespian. One I discovered a few years ago is Mireille Enos, who played a leading role in The Killing, an American TV drama based on a Danish show called Forbrydelsen. Many viewers took it as essentially a crime story and were disappointed when the end of its first season failed to resolve the case with which it had begun, but in truth it dramatized a view of the world as much as anything else, and a good deal of its view was embodied in Enos, whose character seemed always to be harried, doubting, or in pain.

Last year I began working up a photo of her for my “Re-imagined images” series, but as sometimes happens I left it unfinished. She’ll be in a new show starting this week on ABC—you can learn about it and Enos’s background from this New York Times story—and with that coming up I decided to finish and share my photo of her from The Killing. Here it is. (The original image, on Flickr, conveys more detail.)

From The Killing, S01E01, 7/04/15

Mireille Enos from the pilot episode of The Killing, registering some of the show’s many varieties of discomfort, anxiety, and dread, with Joel Kinnaman in the background. From original cinematography by Peter Wunstorf.


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